Sunday, November 6, 2011

I'm a Potter Freak...

I'm not ashamed to admit a sizable portion of my knitting projects have been Harry Potter related. The first project I ever made and the reason I learned to knit was a Gryffindor house scarf. I followed it up with three more in the appropriate shades to create a complete set of house scarves for myself. I became quite practiced at creating the lengthy garment and I made several more for my mom, cousin and even the dog!

After ten scarves, I was ready for something different...but still Potter related! Through out the movies various knitted items have caught the eye of avid knitters and I was no different. I've since tried my hand at a Gryffindor house sweater, a couple of hats worn by Ginny and Hermione and even a few Gryffindor themed items to match the house scarf. But the most daunting project I undertook was the patchwork blanket seen on Ron Weasley's bed.

The blanket escaped my notice early on, but later captured my attention when I saw it up close while touring the Harry Potter exhibit. The obsession to recreate it started with a simple suggestion from a friend that I should make it. I didn't immediately jump at the thought. The blanket was big with so many colors and patterns! And we weren't even allowed to take pictures. Making Ron's blanket would be a huge undertaking, I wasn't sure I was up to it.

Of course, the seed was already planted that day. I couldn't get the blanket out of my head. I searched online and found a couple of pictures of the blanket. I was done for, there was no turning back...

At first I created a couple of squares using leftover yarn from my then modest stash. After scrutinizing the photos, I started purchasing a skein or two of yarn to replicate the squares I could see. The more I made, the more obsessed I became. I scoured the internet for photos, even taking my own screen caps of the movies in which the blanket made a cameo appearance. Each new angle provided a view of a couple more squares, I wanted my blanket to be as accurate as possible!

Meanwhile, my yarn collection grew with each purchase of a yarn that was "just perfect" for a square I'd figured out. My stash now totals over seventy different yarns and I own multiple shades of every color.

It's been two years since I started the Ron Weasley blanket and I think I've compiled every known photo of the blanket. Having looked at them repeatedly, I think they're burned in my memory. Though not every square was identifiable, I managed to create a master guide in which the majority are not only represented but in the correct arrangement. The corner of the blanket that remained hidden in most shots contains squares with locations that I couldn't accurately identify. The few remaining empty slots were filled with squares I could make with the surplus of yarn remnants I have collected through out this project.

By now I estimate the blanket is nearly eighty percent done. Having finally completed the design for the last elusive corner of the blanket, I am posting this with the intent of documenting the finally stretch of completing this tremendous project.

In the event that any fellow Potter fanatics want to replicate the blanket as exactly as possible, here is a link to all the photos I used to create my blanket design.

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  1. i am a harry potter freak also, thanks for this blog totally awesome!