Thursday, February 9, 2012

180,840 Stitches

180,840 stitches. I added them all up. 180,840 stitches, that's how many garter stitches it takes to make the Moderne Log Cabin Blanket. A daunting task for sure, but I'm just crazy enough to do it.

I saw this pattern over a year ago and really wanted to make it in colors to match my living room. Until recently however, I hadn't had any realistic plans to create it. The blanket requires a ton of yarn and knowing I would want all matching lot numbers, I knew it was going to be a pricey investment. Lucky for me, they began building a new Joann Fabrics store in town and the old one had a huge sale a couple months ago to clear out their inventory before moving to their new location. All their yarn was 50% off and they had 3 of the 4 colors I'd wanted. I gobbled up the skeins at half price and using coupons managed to get the last color discounted as well. I just love getting a deal! 

Earlier this month I finally casted on and I'm very excited by my progress thus far. I have completed 3 of the 9 blocks and am about ten ridge rows into block 4. The first couple sections were small and went by quickly. Each additional block gets larger, however, and as you go they become more and more time consuming. I'm hoping to have this project done by the end of March. I've got a week of vacation scheduled in the middle of the month and my plans include relaxing and miles of garter stitch.

Meanwhile I'd still like to have a project completed in February. I've got a pair of mittens in the works which may prove to be a suitable candidate. I've got the left glove entirely done and a pattern written for making a right one. Though I'll be deviating from  my original list of 12 projects I'd committed to for the 12 in 2012 group, I'm okay with that because I'm hoping to have extra projects to post in the "Beyond 12 FOs" thread.

Of course, I've also become recently re-intrigued by the Marisol the Knitted Mouse Pattern which is on the original list so we'll see...

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