Monday, January 16, 2012

One Finished, Another One Queued

I have officially completed my first project of 2012! I decided to knit the hat Hermione wears in the Deathly Hallows graveyard scene. I had seen this project over a year ago and it had been lingering in my queue ever since. I wanted a smaller project for January as well as one that would make me feel like I had made progress cleaning up my list of things I want to knit. As I weaved in the last loose yarn, however I had a nagging feeling...

"Wouldn't a matching pair of mittens be awesome..."

"And I've got all this left over yarn..."

Too bad I've never made mittens before. But oh, never mind that! Well, just as quickly as I moved a project from my queue into the finished category, I added another. And with no suitable pattern for the exact gloves I'm envisioning, now I'm stuck designing my own pair. Did I mention I've never made mittens before?

Ha ha, lucky for me there is Youtube! A wonderful group of knitting gurus have compiled several very educational how-to videos with instructions to knit a basic set of mittens. Empowered by this knowledge and the sheer dumb luck I consistently design my projects with, I think I've got a halfway decent pattern brewing.

Well here are some pics of the hat that started me on this course. I guess it was hard to believe 2012 would be the year I stopped delaying my queued projects when I found new things I wanted to knit! I'm still determined to finish the original twelve I said I would though! There will just be a number of extras along the way...


  1. did you have a problem at all with there being a block of 4 knits and 4 purls where the hat connects?

  2. I thought it would matter, but because the hat is knit on the round the rows are not exactly lined up and it really is nit noticeable in the completed work. Because you have to alternate every two rows I don't think It's avoidable if you do 120 or 122 around.

  3. I know it's been a while, but do you know where I would find the pattern for this hat?


      Her is the link. It is a free pattern on Ravelry!

  4. do you remember what type of yarn you used?

  5. Red Heart "Soft" yarn. The color is Grape.