Friday, October 28, 2011

I have a problem...

So I have a small collection of yarn. Enough to fill a couple of dresser drawers. Yeah okay, so the dresser is really only filled with yarn, don't judge me! I have a problem and just can't help myself. I keep buying MORE yarn.

But can I really be faulted? I have a vision! When I get a project in my head, I can spend hours strolling through the yarn aisles comparing each color, looking for just the right one. And though I may have five other similar shades at home, if I find one that's just perfect, I NEED it!

But there is one catch... The only thing that can make the purchase of a new yarn sweeter is the price. I'm a coupon queen and my heart beats a little faster every time I get one for 50% off. I don't think I've bought yarn at full price in years.

And having purchased the majority of my stash for half off, paying even slightly more drives me nuts! So when I visited the Jo-Ann Fabrics in town that was closing and saw entire bins of yarn marked down to half-price, resistance was futile. They had the colors I'd drooled over months ago when a blanket to match my living room had come to mind. I knew it was a sign.

Needless to say, 25 dollars later I've got three of the four colors I need for my blanket. And when the new Jo-Anns opens in two weeks, I'll be using my coupons for the grand opening to stock up on the last color.

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